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ReptonPrimary School


Week 5

We have had another packed week in Merlins. 


Within Maths Year 4s have solved problems related to calculating area. Year 3s have continued to measure using mm, cm and m, compare lengths and answer word problems.  We have all converted into different units of measurement. 


In English we have used causal conjunctions appropriately.  We have also innovated an explanation text and designed an invention to help us with everyday tasks. We then had a go at creating an explanation for our new invention with some fantastic results - well done, Merlins. We have also begun to plan an explanation text for the digestive system, thinking about how we could split it down into different sections as well as thinking carefully about what the sub-headings would be for each section.


Within our Topic lesson we looked at the results for our eggsperiment and we thought about if our predictions were correct.  We also had a brilliant time creating our Fruit Kebabs, they really did make a tasty and healthy treat! Thank you to everyone who contributed.



Year 3 – adding suffix ‘ly’: calmly, exactly, deadly, bravely, boldly, gladly, deeply, clearly, hourly, quickly.

Year 4‘ee’ sound spelt ‘i’: merriment, happiness, plentiful, penniless, happily, prettiest, nastiness, beautiful, pitiful, silliness. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss Jordan, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Jennens