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Week 5

The story of Hansel and Gretel has enabled some fabulous and fun learning this week.  The children have loved creating their own magic potions, getting messy, stirring them, writing about how to make them and playing with all the creatures that we added to our potions in different ways. 


We have of course spent quite some time practising for our Nativity which has given the children a great sense of pride and confidence.  They are saying their parts superbly now with big voices!  


You will find in your child's inside cover to their reading record, a log-in for both Mathletics and Spelling Shed.  There are tasks set for both which will really help your child with their maths and spelling.  We hope the children enjoy these - there's also a competitive element, whereby they can challenge others in their class to maths races on Mathletics and a leader board for the whole school on Spelling Shed!


We look forward to seeing you all next week for our Nativity on Wednesday at 2.30pm.  Tickets are still available if anyone has yet to purchase theirs. 


Reception Team



Making magic potion