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Week 5

Hello Everyone


This week as part of our topic on "Fairytale World", we have been reading the story of Hansel and Gretel.  In English we made a class story map to help us tell the story.  We used story language such as once upon a time, next, then, suddenly etc.  We also talked about emotions and how the characters felt. 


For our writing task this week we wrote down a set of instructions to make a magic potion.  We focused on the instructional language "put in ........."  The children had the chance to sound out the words several times as the language was repeated throughout the piece of work.  We had great fun thinking of different things to put into our potion.  (Examples of items include snakes, spiders, frogs, worms, gems and glitter).


Our art work and classroom activities also centred around the story of Hansel and Gretel.  The children had the opportunity to make a sweetie house at the art table, using a variety of materials including real sweet wrappers.  We also had a 3D gingerbread house on the art table and the children enjoyed making sweets and sweet treats to stick on to it to create the witch's gingerbread house.  


We also made made potions using a variety of items in our free choice play where the children added ingredients into a large cauldron and stirred it to create their own fantastic potions.  


In Maths this week, we have been sequencing events.  We talked about our day and the order in which we did our activities e.g. getting up, brushing our teeth, having breakfast, walking to school ....etc.  The children then had a set of pictures depicting different activities they did throughout the day and put them in the correct order, talking about their choices.  


We have been using our bodies in lots of different ways in PE over the past few weeks and the children have enjoyed these activities.  I have added a few photos for you to see the children at work in PE.  Next week we have a day of "Balanceability".  We have some sports coaches coming in to help the children to ride balance bikes.  This is always lots of fun.  They bring in their own bikes for us to use.  The children will be split into two groups for this activity on their normal PE day, Wednesday.  


Our concert practice is going really well and we have now learnt all of our songs.  With a few more rehearsals, we will be ready for our performance.  We are looking forward to sharing this with you via a video link to a secure youtube site.  Please remember to sign the consent form so your child can take part.  (A copy of the form is in the letters section of our class page).


Our classroom is starting to look very Christmassy now too.  We have a Christmas tree up and the children enjoyed decorating it.  We will also be busy making decorations throughout the lead up to Christmas. 


Next week we are learning all about the Gingerbread Man in the final story of our topic.  This one is always a favourite.  We have lots of great activities planned, including making our own gingerbread men and ladies. 


Have a great weekend!