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Week 5

We have enjoyed this week learning all about what we can find in our garden.  We thought about garden ponds and learned about the artist Claude Monet and his Water Lilies painting.  We really enjoyed making our own water lilies paintings, using a wash of blues and greens and then making lily pads to stick on top.  They all looked great.


In English we innovated last week's story 'The Enormous Turnip' meaning we planned our own version of the story.  Next week we will write up our stories - we can't wait to hear all the different versions of the story!


In maths we have been subtracting, involving stories about taking away and using 10 frames to represent the problem and find the answer.  The children are really good at recognising amounts on a 10 frame now and understanding that 10 is made from lots of different amounts.  They can talk about what they can 'see' in 10, (or any number) such as a 6 and a 4, or 5 lots of 2, etc.  This is all  vital foundation understanding in preparation for their future maths development in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.


We had an amazing sports enrichment day on Thursday.  The children were very excited and really enjoyed Lazer Tag and Zorbing.  Some were quite nervous but gave it a go and we did enjoy ourselves!


I can't believe it's the last week before the half term holiday next week.  


Have a lovely weekend!