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Week 5

What a busy week again in Robins! 


This week we have returned to our learning about Antarctica.  The children are amazing at remembering lots of interesting facts.  They know that Antarctica is at the “bottom” of the world, at the southern most point.  They understand what is like in Antarctica and know that there are no houses or roads there as no-one lives there because it is too icy and cold!  The children understand that explorers do visit though.  This week particularly, we learned what animals live in Antarctica.  The children can answer the question “why don’t polar bears eat the penguins?”


We have painted pictures of penguins which are lovely and we have sorted animals that live in Antarctica from animals that don’t live in Antarctica using a simple Venn diagram.

In English we have been reading the lovely story of “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers.  It is about a penguin who befriends a little boy.  After listening to, and discussing the story the children imitated the story by drawing pictures to make a story map to tell the story.  They were very good at drawing their story maps!  Next week we are going to delve into the feelings and emotions of the characters and we will write a letter from the penguin to the little boy.  If you would like to see the story, you can watch it being read on Youtube:


In maths we have been learning about pairs.  We understand that a pair is a set of two things together.  We have been finding pairs of items and putting things into pairs!  We have also been playing a dice game where we roll two dice and add the totals together before moving that number of spaces forwards.  It has really helped us to subitise the patterns of numbers and we have practised addition by counting on.  Apart from being an enjoyable game to play, the children practised turn taking, counting and moving forwards the correct number of spaces.  We then played a big version of this game outside where we were the counters that had to move forwards!


Children’s Mental Health Week

We watched part of the assembly video on Children’s Mental Health Week website.  We also talked about feelings and who supported us when we felt nervous, worried or scared.  We then drew pictures of the people who care for and support us. 


Safer Internet Day

We had a discussion about what the internet is and when we use it.  We emphasised that it is important to only use child websites and how it’s important to tell an adult if anything unusual pops up. 



We have been baking again this week.  This week we made flapjacks.  They were delicious!  Please see the baking part of our class page to see the children making and eating them. 


Forest School

We had a great time exploring our forest area this week.  We looked for patterns in nature and then printed some patterns into dough.  Please see the Forest School page for this week’s photos. 


Home Learning

Spelling Shed (A great way to practise writing words using the sounds learned during our phonics lessons.)

Also, don’t forget to log in to our on-line reading scheme “Bug Club – Active Learn” where there are many on-line books for your child to read.

Please practise reading the reception, coloured tricky words.  The full set is now on the website.


Next week we will have to pack all of our fabulous learning into four days as we break up on Thursday.  There is an INSET day on Friday.


Have a fabulous weekend from all of the Robins team!