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Week 6

We've had such a busy week this week as we've begun learning our letters and sounds every day. The children have learned s, a, t, p this week. Help to support this at home would be great - playing I spy, or finding the letter around the home; really hearing the sound at the start of the words is so important. The children will show you which action goes with each sound! (You can find out about the actions and which sounds we are learning and when on the 'This week's sounds' tab).  


We have also begun learning about Number One this week.  The children have added to the Number of the Week display, sang songs about one, watched Numberblocks about zero and one, formed the number one in the air and on whiteboards, or the smartboard, coloured in Number one, learned that a circle has one side and even identified parts of our body we have only one of!  Each week we will have a different focus on each number, up to 10.  This consolidates and deepens the children's understanding in lots of ways. We will still be working with numbers up to 10 and 20 in teacher-led groups alongside this focus.


We have also started writing in our English books this week, beginning with writing what we can see in the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what can you see?'  Some of the children are able to hear the initial sounds in words already and all of them had a good try at writing them, using a sound board to copy if necessary.


We read the story 'Elmer' and talked about how we are all different yet everyone is special. The children created some fantastic elephants for the Elmer Parade, using a variety of techniques, such as printing squares or painting. Some even chose to make a milk bottle Elmer, using coloured tissue paper to make a colourful elephant.


We all enjoyed our rather wet Forest School lesson. The children were great at getting themselves changed and learned about the rules of the forest. (See the Forest School section on this webpage).