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Week 6

We have come to the end of the first summer half term and have all enjoyed learning about growing and changing.  We focussed on plants this term, looking at how they grew from a seed and their life-cycles and have been fascinated with all the plants that we have grown ourselves, from seed.  Hopefully, with some sun on the way - we will have lots of vegetables and sunflowers to enjoy!


This week we have been learning about how chicks grow and change, as we head into next half term learning about minibeasts.  The children have learned that not only plants have a life-cycle, but all living things, by learning about how a chicken lays an egg, which hatches into a chick, grows into a chicken that then lays more eggs!  


We also had a great time baking cupcakes this week!  We worked together to follow instructions, mix the ingredients and baked them in our oven.  They were delicious!


In English we wrote up our innovated story plans, based on 'The Enormous Turnip'.  We wrote sentences for each part of the story and were so pleased with how the children are gaining lots of independence with their writing now.  We had all sorts of stories from 'The Enormous Cucumber' to 'The Enormous Banana'!


In maths we learned about money.  We looked at all the British coins and talked about their values.  It was tricky to understand that some coins have more value than others.  We then played shops and tried to work out which coins we would need to use to pay for the items we bought.


A reminder that all our Forest School sessions are also on this class page (I will also add a link below).


Please have a lovely, restful break and let's also hope for sun!

See you back in school on Tuesday 8 June.