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Week 6

We’ve enjoyed our last week of term, continuing learning about Antarctica and comparing it to Repton.  The children could explain the difference in weather, landscape, why there are no roads there and houses here. We talked about the fact they couldn’t grow food there because it was too cold and that there were no shops or schools so people couldn’t live there. The only people that stay there are scientists to study Antarctica. 

The children thought about what clothes they would need to wear if they went to Antarctica and looked at photos of travellers there. They then sorted cold weather clothes from warm weather clothes and packed a suitcase for the trip. 

In English we continued our story ‘Lost and Found’ by writing a letter front the penguin to the Boy, thinking about what he should have said to him. The children wrote really well in sentences such as “I am sad.  Will you be my friend? Will you play with me?”

In maths we explored height and length and used words to compare, such as longer and shorter or taller and shorter. We ordered a variety of objects by height and length and then measured them using cubes (non standard measurements) and recorded our workings pictorially.  We even compared the length of ourselves lying on the floor!


In PSHE we learned about medicines and talked about how they can be harmful as well as helpful. The children understood that we must never eat anything if we are not sure what it is and to always ask an adult before we eat anything we find. We can trust adults to take care of the medicines and must only take them if an adult or a doctor gives them to us. 


We all enjoyed a movie on the last afternoon for the House winners; watching Ice Age!


Have a lovely half term and we will see you back on 28th February.