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Week 6

During this last week of term 3, the Robins have learned about where we can buy our food.  They have learned about different types of shops, such as greengrocers, bakers and butchers and what they sell.  They have sorted foods into these shops by cutting and sticking.


We have tasted chips this week! Which lead us to some descriptive poetry about chips.  The children thought of words to describe what chips were like using all of their senses and then wrote a chippy poem!


In maths we have had some excellent 'counting on' super stars! The children were learning to count on from the biggest number using objects and then writing the answer.


We've enjoyed using the Beebots too this week and programming them to move around a map with shops on.  The children worked well together to decide on the correct commands to give Beebot before pressing GO.


We hope you all have a lovely half-term and a well-deserved break!

See you in a week.

The EYFS Team