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Week 6

What an amazing week we have had! Of course the highlight was our Nativity performance. The Robins did so well and we are super proud of them, their confidence and enthusiasm. Well done all!!


We have enjoyed learning about the Gingerbread Man this week. Everyone has helped to make gingerbread dough and all cut, cooked and decorated their own gingerbread man. Yum!


We looked at rhyming words in English such as man, can, fan etc. The children tried to make a rhyming string, which was quite tricky for most. Practice at home would be great. The children were good at writing the Cvc words however. 


In maths we counted out buttons for 2 gingerbread then found out how many there were in total by counting them altogether. Some children could even count on from the first number.  


We enjoyed Christmas Jumper Day on Friday. Many thanks for the donations to Save the Children. We decorated Christmas jumpers on the art table which was fun!


It was lovely to see so many of you at the Christmas Fayre too. This will have raised a huge amount for our school, we are sure. Many thanks to the PTA for their hard work!!


See you next week. A reminder that we are walking to St Wystans church on Monday afternoon for our Christmas concert with the whole school. Everyone is invited to this. If you can help to walk the children there and/or back we welcome as many walkers as possible. Our Christmas party is on Tuesday.  Children should bring in a named bag with party clothes and food as requested. Many thanks!

In our Christmas jumpers!

In our Christmas jumpers! 1
In our Christmas jumpers! 2