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Week 7

This week has been so busy with lots of learning all about 'Why am I special?' We read 'The Rainbow Fish' and talked about friendship - how we could be a good friend.  We all made beautiful, colourful fishy friends for the Rainbow Fish!


Our number of the week was number 2 and we've learned all about it in many ways - one more than one, double one, spotting 2 in the classroom and finding things in pairs. We also carefully practised our counting skills. We carefully counted objects to check how many there were and some of us found the total amounts of objects in 2 groups. 


We have also been talking and writing about what we are good at; trying to hear initial sounds and write them carefully. Our letters and sounds lessons mean we're really good at recognising the sounds 's a t p i n m d' and making the action to go with each one. We have also been practising writing some of these letters in our Squiggle while you Wiggle sessions!


Thank you for sharing your child's reading book with them at home. This really helps them and the progress they make is huge when reading happens at home, especially as they start to read books with words.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.