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Week 7

This week we have asked the question ‘How do we celebrate Diwali?’  We learned what happens at the festival of Diwali, a Hindu festival, also called The Festival of Lights, and listened to the story of Rama and Sita.   The children made salt dough Diwa lamps and painted them with bright colours.  They also enjoyed decorating hands with beautiful Mendhi patterns and colouring Rangoli patterns. 


For part of Black History Month we learned about the athlete Dame Kelly Holmes and how she kept trying and worked to achieve in life. 


In English we all wrote about animals that hibernate. We learned what hibernation means and that animals that cannot find food for the winter go to sleep for a long time until spring. We sorted animals into those that hibernate and those that don’t. The children then tried to hear the initial sound of the animal words and wrote them down. Some could even hear other sounds in the middle or the end.  


In maths we learned about the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and made lots of different collections of those numbers using cubes, numicon, counters, numerals etc. We even went on a number hunt in forest schools to find groups of natural objects in ones, twos and threes.  (See photos on the forest school section of our class page). 


Have a wonderful half term and a well earned rest. We’ll see you on Monday 1st November when we will learn all about bonfire night!



Pictures around our classroom