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Week 7 - 4.5.20

Monday - Alternative spellings for the /or/ phoneme

Recap: Play Phase 5 HFW tricky words If there any that your child struggles with, write them down on a piece of paper and refer to them daily.


Main: Practise saying the /or/ phoneme. Play Phoneme Spotter. Read the phoneme spotter. underline all words they can find containing the /or/ phoneme and ask them to see how many ways of spelling the phoneme there are. They can jot these down on the side of the page. The interactive phoneme spotter is here:


Apply: Choose one word from each of the graphemes today and write a sentence using that word. 

Tuesday - Word sort for the /or/ phoneme.


Recap:  Try and spell the tricky words: laughed, because, many, any, friends.


Main: Follow the link: Choose Word Sort. Recap all the graphemes along the top of the screen and remind children that they discovered yesterday that they can all represent the same phoneme. Click the red button to reveal a word card. Ask your child to sound talk the word. Ask your child to decide which column this word belongs in. Drag the word to the column. We make it a bit fun by trying to avoid/dodge the things on the screen too!


Apply: Follow the link: Choose Best Bet and discuss how this phoneme does not necessarily follow any certain rules. Try learning the words to spell - thought, door, small, before, morning, saw, called, for, four, August. 

Wednesday - Sorting alternative spellings for the /or/ phoneme

Recap:  Play Picnic on Pluto with the /aw/ phoneme.


Main: Look at the word sort grid and go through the different graphemes that can make the /or/ phoneme sound. Then get children to sort through words on the sheet, depending on the /or/ phoneme. To make it more interactive, colour code each grapheme e.g. pink crayon for the or, orange crayon for the aw etc. and get the children to colour in the words depending on the grapheme being shown. 


Apply: Read the sentences attached in the link and ask children to identify what graphemes are being shown. 

Thursday - Spelling of words containing the /or/ phoneme.

Recap: Quickwrite - Play Flashcars, children to recall graphemes very quickly in timed conditions.


Main: Practise spelling words containing the /or/ phoneme. 

Words to learn are: for, four, called, saw, morning, August, before, small, door, thought.


1. Write the word to be learned on a whiteboard or piece of paper and check your child can read it.

2. Say a sentence using the word.

3. Sound-talk the word raising a finger for each phoneme. We have done a lot of work on segmenting and chopping up the sounds so your child should be able to do it independently.

4. Discuss the letters required for each phoneme, using letter names.

5. Ask the children to ‘trace the shape of’ the letters on their raised fingers.

7. Rub the word off the whiteboard and ask your child to write the word on their whiteboards/piece of paper. 


Apply: Read the sentences containing the /or/ phoneme. Challenge - can your child write the sentences using their own sounds and without looking at the sheet to help them?

Friday - Spellings of /or/ graphemes and HFW

Recap: Look at sheet containing many words with the /or/ phoneme. Sort words based on their /or/ phoneme.


Main: Go over the spelling of words from yesterday:

for, four, called, saw, morning, August, before, small, door, thought.

See if children can recall spelling without looking at the word initially - otherwise follow the same steps as yesterday.


Apply: Can your child use 5 of the words from the spelling list above with 5 of these HFWs?

  • because
  • different
  • many 
  • please
  • laughed


e,g, I like August  because it is my birthday.

      There are many different kinds of doors in this house.