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Week 8 - 11.5.20

Before you begin the tasks for English this week, please complete the SPAG mat for that day as a starter activity. Select a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star difficulty challenge SPAG mat to complete.

Task: Today you are going to read back the model text for Lost & Found (see last week's model text) Then you are going to freeze frame 6 sections of the story that you think are the most important sections of the story. Take pictures using an IPAD. Below is my example. I chose 6 important scenes and acted them out using my own resources. If you do not have a toy penguin, use another toy instead of the penguin - I used an owl!

Task: You have two tasks today for English. 

  1. The model text has been jumbled up! Your job is to put the model text back together. Cut out the sentences and read them carefully. Then stick them down in the correct order on a blank sheet of paper. Check with last week's model text if you have sequenced the story correctly! (There is a challenge sheet if your child wishes to read a more difficult version of the model text)
  2. Then, use the feature toolkit in the 'Task' document to colour and highlight important grammatical features of your sequenced story. The features you will need to highlight are; adjectives, verbs used in the past tense, verbs used in the present tense, conjunctions and punctuation. Use colouring crayons or highlighters to complete this task.
  3. Challenge - By using the feature toolkit, what features could this story use more of to make it an even better story.
Task: Today you are going to innovate the story of Lost & Found. Look at the PowerPoint attached to see how I have innovated the text. Then, you are going to change the character of the penguin to become another animal. You will also need to change the destination. Once you have decided on your changes, write one short, clear sentence for each section of the boxing up grid. I have attached an example for you to look at of how I have innovated the story.

Task: Today you are going to be using the innovated grid from yesterday's lesson to write up your own innovate today. I have provided a story checklist for you to use so you can see how to write a really great piece of writing.

When we come to do our writing

  • write for 8 minutes.
  • Pause and read your work aloud so someone can hear you.
  • Edit your work
  • Check your work again.
  • Look at your plan, ready to write the next section.

This isn't a HOT WRITE, so take your time with this work and see how you get on writing creatively. Please email me your innovates when you have finished so I can have a look at them.

Task: Today you are going to be creative and think of your own characters and settings for your Lost & Found inspired story. On the sheet attached, draw a main character and an animal main character. Once you have done this, draw where the animal's original home is. Finally, draw how they are going to get there. So it is clear for me to see, please can you write what each picture is. These ideas have got to be different from the innovate idea. 


Challenge: Can you write two adjectives to describe each of the ideas that you have drawn?


Can't wait to see your creative ideas!