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Week 9 - 18.5.20

Monday - Practising reading and spelling with /ur/ phonemes.

Recap: Play Word Sort with the /ur/ phoneme Children to independently read words and move them to the correct column depending on what grapheme of /ur/ is in the word. Do 10 words.


Main: Play Quickwrite. Words: her, were, first, work, birds, word, fur, earth, turn, skirt. Encourage your child to think about the phonemes that they can distinguish easily first. 


Apply: Practise reading sentences containing the /ur/ grapheme. Challenge: Write the sentences instead of reading them! 

Is that skirt made of fur?

Her first word was 'bird'.

If you work with earth you will get dirty.

Starter: Recap: Play Reading Robot. Your child needs to sound and blend the word and decide whether it is a real or a 'nonsense' word.


Main: Play the 'ur' sound family board game.

- Print out this board game or have it displayed on a screen.

- Roll a dice and move along the squares of the board.

- When you land on a picture, say the word and identify the sound that makes the /ur/ phoneme i.e. word is or.

- When you land on a sound, say a word containing that sound.

- Extension: Try to think of more complex words and put them in a sentence. Play the game again and when you land on a sound think of a sentence that has two words with that same sound!


Apply: Read the sentences containing the /ur/ phoneme.

Wednesday - Alternative spellings for the /e/ phoneme. (short e)

Recap: Play Phase 5 Train Your Brain. (all Phase 5) Read the words on the trucks as quickly as you can. Remember that these are tricky words so sometimes sounding out may not work! Challenge: Get your child to identify the tricky part of each word. 


Main: Introduce the task today of looking at words that have the /e/ phoneme. Look at the words red, bread and said. Ask your child to soundtalk these words and draw sound buttons. Highlight the button that makes the /e/ phoneme in each word. (e) (ea) and (ai - uncommon).


Apply: Give your child the following words. Children to but sound buttons underneath these words and highlight in a different colour the letter/s that make the /e/ phoneme e.g. e - in red, ea - in blue.

Words:  went, spell, tread, ready, stretch, instead, bent, thread, desktop, dread

Thursday - Applying the /e/ sound.

Recap: Play Picnic on Pluto Choose two phonemes to work from, a phase 3 and a phase 5 one. Your child needs to sound and blend the word. Then they need to decide if it is a real word or a 'nonsense word'. Real words go to 'Bob' and nonsense words go to 'Obb'.


Main: Play quickwrite with the words from yesterday. went, spell, tread, ready, stretch, instead, bent, thread, desktop, dread. Get your child to sound it out first before writing it, and carefully think about which phoneme makes the /e/ sound. 


Apply: Ask your child to help you write a sentence on a piece of paper. See if they can do this without using the words they have been learning in front of them to test their memory!

Don't stretch the thread.

Will you dread a spelling test?

Are you ready to bend your head?

Friday - Consolidating the /e/ phoneme.

Recap: Play Phase 5 Cheeky chimps Select the grapheme /e/. Soundtalk the word and your child has to decide on ho to pronounce the tricky grapheme and then drag the word to the word with the correct pronunciation. 


Main: Practise spelling the words with the /e/ phoneme from the previous two days. These are this week's spellings!


Apply: Get your child to read through the short /e/ ea word cards. Then shuffle the word cards up and your child has to pick a word and use that word in a sentence. Extra challenge: Write the sentence as well.