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Week beg 22 March

We have had another great week, learning all about how we can help to look after our planet.  We learned about pollution, clean energy and solar and wind energy.  

Can you tell an adult about things that cause pollution and what sort of energy is better for our planet?


In English, we wrote a list of instructions for the man in the story 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish', telling him how to make the planet a better place.

Can you tell a parent how we can make the planet better?


In maths we looked at the composition of 7 and 8.  We investigated which two numbers equal 7 or 8.  We also learned a great magic trick to know which number was on the bottom of a dice.  

Can you show your grown up the magic trick with a dice?


We loved starting our forest schools sessions again this week.  The children looked at how the forest has changed since they were last there, in December.  We then explored the forest and did lots of 'noticing', finding different groups of things and taking photographs of them for our class 'subitising' sessions.  You can see our Forest School sessions in the section of our webpage here

Can you do some noticing with a grown up when on a walk or in your garden? You may spot groups of daffodils - how many do you see?  Or shapes on the ground made by twigs?


A reminder that next week we will be in only from Monday to Wednesday.  Thursday is an Inset day and Friday is Good Friday.  We will enjoy lots of Easter activities and learning next week!


Have a lovely weekend.