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Week beg 29 March

What a lovely sunny end to our term! 


We enjoyed learning all about Easter this week, why we celebrate it by hearing the Easter Story as well as learning about Easter eggs and how they are made!  We watched a video of them being made in a chocolate factory.  We talked about how the chocolate started off runny and then set hard in a mould.  We did our own experiment; melting a chocolate egg and then setting it again.  The children thought the sun and the oven would help to melt it - and they were correct!  They then decided the fridge would help to set it hard again, so we put it in a cupcake mould and set it in the fridge. It worked!


We have been comparing weight using eggs and a balance scale this week as well as learning about estimating amounts. The children are good at seeing amounts (up to 3 or 4) without counting (known as subitising) and their experiences of this is vital to their sense of number throughout life.  They have also been using a 10 frame to count amounts which, again, helps with just recognising an amount rather than counting them, by the familiar pattern on the 10 frame.  Super work!


We made Easter cards too, which we hope you have found in the bookbags!


Have a wonderful Easter and lets hope for some more warm weather again soon.