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Week beg 9 Nov 2020


Can you draw a picture and write a short sentence about something you did over half term? Have a go at hearing the initial sounds at least, in the words. Can you include any of our tricky words?


We are learning about animals that hibernate. Can you research some? You could sort them into those that hibernate and those that don't.


Have a go at saying the names for these pictures in the document below and sounding them out. Can you use robot arms to help? They are all cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. You could then try and write the words to match the pictures.


This week we have been learning the sounds e u r h. Can you find things in your home beginning with these sounds? Can you write them? See this section of the website for help with the sounds and actions.


Look around your house for things of different shapes - can you spot a triangle, circle, square and rectangle? Can you remember those names?


We are learning about repeating patterns this week.  You could have a go at making repeating patterns with all sorts of objects like stones, beads, lego, etc.  Here is a game you can play to continue repeating patterns.