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Week beginning 04.07.22

Our Learning


We have had a fantastic week in Seals class! It has involved a school trip, playscripts and coordinates.


English –

This week the children have planned, and started to write, their own playscripts. The children have been working in groups and have come up with some excellent, creative ideas. I cannot wait to see them perform their plays in the final week of term!


Maths –

This week, we have continued our geometry unit with a focus on position and direction. Today, we learnt how to read and write coordinates. We have only completed one lesson of this unit this week due to the various things happening in school.


Carsington Water –

The children thoroughly enjoyed our day at Carsington Water. They were superbly behaved, really engaged and a credit to our school! They should be very proud of how they conducted themselves on the day!


During our trip we learnt lots about living things and their habitats. We started by discussing various habitats and sorting animals into these groups. We then spoke about food chains and created our own food web! Our next activity was a minibeast hunt in the woodland area. We had to find and identify different minibeasts and say where they were found. We used tools to help us take a closer look at our findings and recorded all of our data in a table. Incredibly, the children found a newt which was extremely fascinating (even for the adults!). During the afternoon, we learnt about some more minibeasts. We chose one minibeast which we then designed and created a habitat for in pairs. We thought very carefully about the materials and tools we would use and explained our design choices. We brought our habitats back to school with us and have placed them in our outdoor learning area. We can’t wait to go back to them in the future!



Homework –

Children have been given some English homework today which is a reading comprehension sheet. The task has been explained in class, but if you have any questions about this, please do get in touch. This piece of homework is due on Friday 15th July. Children should practice their spellings and read at home alongside this.



Spellings –


Year 4, List 34 – Spelling summary













Spellings given out: Friday 8th July

Spelling test: Friday 15th July


Have a fabulous weekend,

The Seals Team