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Week beginning 11.07.22

Our Learning


We have had a fabulous week in Seals class! It has involved plotting coordinates, editing scripts and of course, sports day!  Even though it was so warm on Thursday, the children all gave their best efforts on sports day and should be super proud of themselves!


English –

This week the children have continued to write and edit their playscripts. They have begun rehearsing their play in their groups, ready to perform to the whole class next week!


Maths –

This week, we have continued our geometry work on position and direction. This has included drawing on a grid, moving on a grid and describing movement on a grid. We have now covered all of the Year 4 Maths units which gives us time to consolidate and enjoy some fun Maths in the final week!


Science –

In Science this week we have continued to look at living things and their habitats. Following on from our work at Carsington Water, we conducted a minibeast hunt in the school grounds. We created a list of what we found and sorting the living things using a venn diagram. We then tried to group the living things into a variety of different categories using a carroll diagram!


I cannot believe that next week is our final week together. We will try and make it the best one yet!


Have a marvellous weekend,


The Seals Team