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Week beginning 11.10.21

Our learning – Double update!


What a busy yet fantastic couple of weeks we have had in Seals class. It has involved publishing, calculating and exploring caves!


English –

We have published our Historical Narratives for our writing wall display and have now moved on to our new topic, Diaries. So far, we have: created symbol maps to help us comprehend our model text, looked at the key features of a diary, boxed up our model text and begun to plan some ideas for our own writing!


Maths –

We have now moved on to our Addition and Subtraction unit of work. This week, we have been adding and subtracting two 4-digit numbers with and without exchanges. Children have worked extremely hard to use and understand the formal written method in their work and they have impressed me with their mathematical problem-solving skills!


Topic –

Last week, we learnt about prehistoric art. We chose to focus on cave paintings, considering why these may have been important during the Stone Age. We discussed numerous theories, took a virtual cave painting tour and watched videos explaining how Stone Age people were able to create these beautiful pieces of art. We then created our very own cave paintings!



This week, children researched an aspect of Stone Age culture. Areas of research included art, fashion, inventions, music and tools! The children loved using the ipads and books to discover facts about the Stone Age independently. Once children had gathered their research, they created a poster in small groups. Their posters included images, key information and a paragraph explaining how the Stone Age has influenced society today/how the Stone Age is completely different to today’s society! Children are going to present their posters to the rest of the class shortly.


Creswell Crags –

We had the most amazing time at Creswell Crags last week! The children were a credit to the school and it is clear that they have retained a lot of information from the day. It was a joy to see the children get stuck in with all of the activities and it has definitely inspired the children to become even more involved in our History topic!



Homework –

Children have been given some English homework today. They have been given a comprehension task to complete to support them with their reading. The task has been explained in class, but if you have any questions about this, please do get in touch. This piece of homework is due on Friday 22nd October 2021. Children should practice their spellings and times tables and read at home alongside this.


Spellings –


Year 4, List 6, Challenge words:












Spellings given out: Friday 15th October

Spelling test: Friday 22nd October


Please be reminded that next week we will be having our ‘Stone Age Day’! More information can be found via ParentHub or on our class page.


I would like to wish all of the children the best of luck for their performance at St. Wystan’s Church on Saturday evening. Although I am unable to attend the event, I have no doubt that the children in Seals class will do me proud! They have been sounding fantastic when singing in school so I am sure their final performance is going to be outstanding! I hope that all of the Seals have the most magnificent evening and enjoy every second! You will be singing superstars and I cannot wait to hear all about the event on Monday!


Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing some of you at our Stone Age Day on Thursday!


Miss Bailey