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Week beginning 12.12.22

Our Learning


What a fabulous week we have had in Seals class! It has involved rollercoasters, related facts, reindeer food and much more!


English –

This week, the children have planned and started writing their persuasive leaflets. They have each created their own Christmas Wonderland which hosts a range of Tudor related treats and activities! They have excellent ideas so I look forward to seeing their final versions of their leaflets!


Maths –

We have continued our multiplication and division work this week. It has involved dividing by 100 and exploring related facts for multiplication and division. The children even had the chance to create their own board game to support their learning! Next week, the children will be completing festive Maths activities but we will continue our multiplication and division work after half term.


History –

This week, the children created either a Tudor timeline or a Tudor A-Z to showcase what they have learned over the duration of our topic. To completely round off our work relating to the Tudors, the children spent some time reflecting on our overarching question for the unit of work which was ‘The Tudors: Terrible or Terrific?’. The children gave fantastic responses which many children thinking carefully about why people might argue that the Tudors were both terrible and terrific!

We have now completed our work relating to the Tudors and I really hope that the children have enjoyed learning about this!


Festive Fun –

We have been very busy getting into the Christmas spirit this week! We have enjoyed a Pantomime, Christmas dinner, Christmas jumpers and lots of Christmas crafts! We have made reindeer food and 3D star decorations and have designed our own snow globes, Christmas jumpers and baubles!



Homework –

Children have been not been given a sheet of homework to bring home this week. Instead, we have asked that they practice their spellings and times tables and read at home at some point over the holidays. Please remember to record any reading at home in your child’s homework diary so that they can earn rewards in school!


Spellings –


Year 4, List 13 – Adding on the suffix ‘ion’













Spellings given out: Monday 12th December 2022

Spelling test: Monday 9th January 2023



Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Bailey