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Week beginning 14.06.21

Our Learning


What an exciting science filled week we have had! We have learnt all about forces, how air resistance affects us and how we can streamline things to make them travel faster. We have also thought about friction and how it can make it harder to travel. 


Maths - 

In Maths this week, Year 4 have finished their unit of work relating to money and have begun to recap on time. They have looked at telling the time to 5 minutes and are beginning to think about the bigger time increments on the clock. They also spent some time practicing their times tables outside in the sunshine on Wednesday! Year 5 have carried on thinking about angles. We have now begun to think about how to work out missing angles on both a straight line and a full circle.  



Science - 

We have had a ‘Science Week’ this week at Repton Primary and the theme in Year 4/5 was ‘Fabulous Forces’. Over the course of the week we have learnt about gravity, water and air resistance, friction and mechanisms. We have been developing our 'working scientifically' skills throughout the week, planning and conducting various investigations to support our understanding of each concept. Children have really enjoyed the practical sessions and we hope to have more Science Weeks in the future! 



Our spellings this week are as follows:

Year 4: prefix ‘bi’ – bicycle, biplane, biped, bicentennial, biannual, bilingual, bicuspid, biceps, binoculars, bisect. 

Year 5: Challenge Words – achieve, apparent, bargain, bruise, community, mischievous, muscle, necessary, vehicle, system.


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Bailey