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Week beginning 14.11.22

Our Learning


We have had another brilliant week in Seals class! It has involved partitioning, penguins and odd socks!


English –

The children have been learning about various aspects of grammar this week. The ‘Penguin of Preposition’ helped them write sentences using prepositions and they learnt how to use expanded noun phrases with some help from Dan! Towards the end of the week, children were introduced to our new model text which is a historical narrative. They created symbol maps to help them remember the text and then analysed a paragraph of the text, looking for key features to include in our writing toolkit.


Maths –

This week, we have continued our work on multiplication and division. It has involved multiplying by 11, multiplying by 12 and multiplying by 1 and 0. Today, the children put their mathematical skills to the test as they completed some Children in Need code breaking activities!


History –

At the start of the week, we consolidated our learning from last week. We delved a little bit deeper into aspects of Tudor life, learning more about homes, food, clothing and entertainment. Today, the children learnt about what life was like as a child during Tudor times. This included learning about jobs as a child, schooling, clothing and more. The children took some time to reflect on their childhood and how this compares to the Tudors. Their final piece of work was a split drawing, showing the difference between childhood now and childhood in the Tudor times. I am impressed with the thought and care the children put into these drawings – Great work Seals!


Anti-bullying week -

On Monday, the children proudly wore their odd socks to celebrate the fact that everyone is different and it is ok to be different! Thank you to all who got involved in this!

The theme for anti-bullying week this year is ‘Reach Out’. We discussed what ‘bullying’ is and understood what it means to ‘reach out’. The children thought carefully about who they could reach out to if they are in need and considered why it is important to reach out to others.



Homework –

Children have been given some English homework this week. The task has been explained in class, but if you have any questions about this, please do get in touch. This piece of homework is due on Monday 21st November. Children should practice their spellings and times tables and read at home alongside this.


Spellings –


Year 4, List 9 – Adding ‘ly’ to adverbs













Spellings given out: Monday 14th November

Spelling test: Monday 21st November


Please be reminded that our class trip to Selly Manor is taking place next week on Tuesday (22nd November).


Have a great weekend,


Miss Bailey