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Week Beginning 15.03.21

Our Learning


What a brilliant and busy couple of weeks it has been in Seals class! It was a delight to welcome all of the children back last week and finally get stuck into our new topic which is focused around our beautiful book called 'Leaf'. 



English –

In English this week we have begun our new topic of Persuasive letter writing. We have studied a model text which was focused on recycling and why it is so important. We have identified all of the features in a persuasive letter and have begun to study and create our own examples of persuasive devices. 


Maths –

Within Maths, both Year 4 and 5 have carried on their unit of fractions thinking about equivalent fractions. Year 5 have also looked at improper fractions and mixed numbers.



Geography - 

This week we have begun thinking about Climate Change, how it has affected our world and how we can help to combat it. By the end of this topic we will have created a scrapbook with all of our ideas about Climate Change within it and hope to share this with people to encourage others to save our planet!


Red Nose Day -

It was great to see the children dress up today and enjoy our very own 'Seals Got Talent'. All of the children, whether performing or working behind the scenes, worked extremely hard and the talent was incredible! Thank you for supporting our fundraising activities and giving donations to support Red Nose Day.




We would like to thank you again for all of your support over lockdown and all of the help you gave the children. It has been very obvious how much work the children who were at home did and how successful it all was. 


Have a brilliant and restful weekend and I will see you all on Monday!


The Seals team.