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Week Beginning 16.11.2020

Our Learning


We have had another fun week in Seals class which has included secret angels, circuits and odd socks!


We started the week wearing odd socks to raise awareness for anti-bullying week and to highlight how each and every one of us are different. On Monday, we discussed how bullying can be seen as a group behaviour and considered how we can unite against bullying. Later in the week we became 'secret angels' for our peers and thought of random acts of kindness that we can do to spread positivity!



English –

During English this week children have written their own non-chronological report about a planet of their choice.  Children’s engagement and efforts during the writing and editing process have been incredible and I am seeing an improvement in writing each week. Towards the end of the week children created a booklet for their non-chronological report and the quality of these wowed all of us, showing just how hard they have been working to include all of the features in our writing toolkits.



Maths –

This week in Year 4 we completed our length and perimeter topic and started our new unit, focusing on multiplication and division. So far, children have been learning how to multiply by 10 and 100 using a variety of methods and have begun to look at dividing by 10 and 100! In Year 5, children have continued to focus on multiplication and division, looking at prime numbers, square numbers and even cubed numbers!


Children had so much fun during our Science lesson this week. Moving on from Earth and Space, we are now looking at Electricity. To begin, we spoke about safety regarding electrics and identified items that are powered by mains electricity, batteries or both! Following on from this we looked at a simple circuit and created one of our own. Each member of Seals class was able to create a simple circuit and managed to light up their bulb which was fantastic!



Have a brilliant and restful weekend and I shall see you all again on Monday!


Stay safe,


Miss Bailey