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Week beginning 18.10.21

Our Learning

What a lovely final week to the term we have had! It has involved spears, exchanging, texting and biscuits!


English –

In English this week we completed our second Hot Write. This time, we wrote a diary entry as an early human. Children thought carefully about the daily jobs of a Stone Age person and included these in their plans and writing. 


Maths -

In Maths this week, we continued our addition and subtraction unit. We started the week subtracting two 4-digit numbers with exchanging. We started with calculations that require one exchange and then moved on to calculations which require more than one exchange. Towards the end of the week, we considered how to subtract efficiently by counting on using a number line. Today, we played a variety of games to support our knowledge of the multiplication tables.


Topic -

This week, children learnt about Skara Brae – A Neolithic village in Scotland! We labelled a typical Skara Brae house and then children wrote a paragraph or a text message which aimed to teach a friend about Skara Brae. Some children even tried to summarise Skara Brae in a tweet, which contains a maximum of 140 characters!


Stone Age Day –

To kickstart our Stone Age Day, the children learnt how to survive in the Stone Age. They thought about the daily jobs and routines of a Stone Age person and considered what they would have needed in order to live. Children became ‘Hunter-gatherers’ to gain a better understanding of how the Stone Age people sourced food, clothing and more. Children then used their hunter-gathering experiences to create a delicious 3 course Stone Age menu. We also created cave paintings to celebrate the success of our hunt!


It was a pleasure to have so many of you join us for the afternoon of our Stone Age day. The children looked absolutely fantastic and they demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm consistently throughout the day which was a pleasure to see! We hope you enjoyed the activities and gained a good insight into the learning we have completed so far. It was lovely to see the adults get so involved in the group challenge. The children appreciated you being there and I must say, the biscuit Stonehenges looked incredible!



Homework –

Children have been given some Maths homework today. They have been given a 3 times tables sheet to complete. The task has been explained in class, but if you have any questions about this, please do get in touch. This piece of homework is due on Friday 5th November 2021. Children should practice their spellings and times tables and read at home alongside this.


Spellings –


Year 4, List 7, Suffix ‘ation’ added to verbs












Spellings given out: Friday 22nd October

Spelling test: Friday 5th November


We hope that you have a lovely half-term break and manage to find some time to relax and refresh!


The Seals Team