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Week Beginning 1st June 2020

One Chance


The English is a little bit different this week. I am going to upload the whole booklet that we are going to be working from here. You can download the whole booklet and work through it at your own pace if you wish. Alternatively, I have also split the activities out into days for if you would prefer to continue working in this way.

To start with, you are going to think about what you would wish for if you had just one chance to make a wish.


You are then going to use those ideas to write about the positives and negatives of them if they were to come true.


Finally, you are going to see just how imaginative and creative you can be with your wishes.



Read through the poem that is written by Pie Corbett.


Think of your own characters and what they might wish for to write your own poem which follows the same pattern.

Read through the poem that is written by Pie Corbett.


Like yesterday, write your own poem which follows this pattern. This time you need to think about what your characters might hate most to happen.

Read through or listen to the story (the link to the sound cloud is on the booklet).


Stop reading to make your prediction as to what you think might happen next in the story.


Have a look at the words that are in the table. These are all taken from the story. Write down definitions for each word. Use a dictionary to help you.

Today you are going to investigate words that have similar meanings (synonyms) and words that have opposite meanings (antonyms). Fill in the grid to collect a range of synonyms and antonyms for each of the words that you have been given.


There is a challenge to see if you can put the synonyms in order of strength.


Finally, using some of the words that you like from your grid, write your own sentences.