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Week beginning 21st September

Another fabulous week for the Foxes: they have once again amazed me with their enthusiasm and creativity.


In English, we have been thinking about how to make our writing more descriptive and the Foxes have become experts at using different examples of figurative language to 'show not tell'. I am really impressed with the powerful word choices they are now making.


In Maths lessons we are trialling a new system, so the Foxes have been split up and are working in different rooms, with different teachers from the Y4/5 team. The thinking behind this is that we can make the lessons more Year Group specific, and continue to support and stretch each child in their Maths. The groupings for this will change every few weeks or so dependent on the type of Maths we will be teaching. The children have adapted really well to this over the week.


We have also got stuck in to our topic based on Lights on Cotton Rock and are beginning to learn more about Earth and Space.


I hope you have a great weekend.


Any questions, just send me an email:




Mrs Webb