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ReptonPrimary School


Week beginning 22.10.18

This week in Otters, we have been working on our WW1 project. We've made teddy bears, painted pictures, made origami boats (thank you year 6 helpers) and learned a lot about animals in the war.


Our literacy focus has been on making diary entries about events in which the teddies have been involved. We have two diary entries so far- one from an excited and frightened teddy and one from a sea sick teddy. Some of the entries are super. We are working on sentence endings - full stops, question marks and exclamation marks and, of course, capital letters at the beginning of the sentence. 

We have had no spellings this week, but will have one of Mrs Wordsworth's 'mega quizzes', which is a review of the past seven weeks' spellings.


We have continued with our maths program and are working on addition and subtraction involving exchange.


During the week back, we will be focusing on life in the trenches and we will be trying to have our own 'trench experience' in the forest school. This will involve damp, muddy socks. Please send in a spare pair at the beginning of the week and a pair of wellies.

Have a super half term.