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Week beginning 24.05.21

Our Learning

We have had a brilliant and positive week in Seals, nicely rounded off by having some fun in the sun. Our week has involved competitions, chemical changes and has required a lot of brain-power!


English –

This week we focused on Poetry, looking specifically at cinquain poems. At the start of the week, children analysed and performed various poems. Over the course of week, children spent time working on numerous skills to create a cinquain poem such as counting syllables and extending/shortening phrases where necessary. By the end of the week, children were well equipped to write their own cinquain poems. Children produced some phenomenally powerful poems about the destruction of our Earth which included some fantastic vocabulary. We cannot wait for children to present this alongside some artwork next week.


Maths –

In Year 4, children completed their decimals unit and therefore spent the rest of the week focusing on practicing our times tables and problem-solving skills. In Year 5 children have continued their work on decimals and are now able to add and subtract decimals using a variety of methods and can also find complements to one.


Science –

This week, we finally investigated which materials are the best at blocking out sound. We had to stay super silent for this investigation to make it a fair test, but children enjoyed this nonetheless. Later in the week, we sorted materials based on whether they are reversible or irreversible. We have now completed our topic looking at Properties and Changes of Materials and look forward to getting stuck into some more Science when we return.

We also played some competitive games of Basketball this week. It was incredible to see the children so enthusiastic and determined to score for their team.


Year 4 Spellings: phone, telephone, phonics, microphone, phonograph, sign, signature, assign, design, signaller

Year 5 Spellings: cereal, serial, complement, compliment, principal, principle, stationary, stationery, wary, weary


We hope that you have a fantastic half term break and look forward to seeing the children back and refreshed on Tuesday 8th June!


Thank you,

The Seals Team