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Week Beginning 30.11.2020

Our Learning


Happy Advent! We have had another packed week in Seals!  Although we have done some assessments this week we have also done lots of exciting things and got our classroom ready for the Festive period. 



English –

Within English this week we have begun looking at Diary entries linked to the Christmas Truce. At the beginning of the week we text mapped an example Diary entry and I was amazed by the children’s brilliant imaginations! Children were so incredible and enthusiastic that they even performed their text maps as a class using actions! Later in the week, we looked at the features of a diary entry, boxed up the text and created a check list for when we write our own Diaries!



Maths -

Maths this week for Year 4 has involved continuing to look in depth at the different times tables and answering questions that involve them. Year 5 have moved on from Multiplication and Division and have begun looking at Perimeter and Area. 


Art –

We continued our portraits unit this week and sketched half-portraits of ourselves! We then attempted to draw a portrait of somebody else in the class.  I must say, we have some very artistic children in Seals class! We have also begun planning some lovely Christmas activities that we will complete throughout the next few weeks as well.


Unfortunately, due to the poor weather on Thursday we did not get to go into the Forest School area, but we will try our best to get in there next week!



- Could we please remind you to bring in your £1 donation for our Christmas party food, thank you. Our Christmas Party is on Wednesday 16th December.


We hope you have a lovely festive weekend!


Stay safe,


Miss Bailey