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Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Non-Chronological Reports



I know that you do not have your English books at home so please use the subheadings to help you to do your research on the Mars Curiosity Exploration Rover again. I have also attached the model text here for you to help you with your writing this week.

Please note that for the determiner activity there are three different levels of challenge. One star is like our mild challenge at school, two stars is spicy and three stars is hot. Please take this time today to organise your research and to plan in a way that suits you ready to start writing. Use the toolkit to help you with this.
Today you need to write your title and write your introduction. Once you have written your first paragraph, spend a bit of time editing and improving it. You might also want to draw a picture and write a caption today too.

Today write the subheading 


Why do Scientists need an exploration rover?


Then write your paragraph. Like yesterday, once you have written this paragraph, read it out loud and see if you can edit and improve it.

Write your next subheading


Who built Curiosity?


Then write your paragraph, read it out loud and edit and improve it. 

If you have got a dictionary and a thesaurus at home then please also make sure that you use them to help you with your writing.