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Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Persuasive Writing



The whole booklet for if you would like to go through at your own pace

Wizard Themed Science Experiments


At the end of the booklet, there is a section on science experiments which you may want to have a go at if you have time. 

At the start, there is an optional top trumps activity which you could have a go at if you have time. You get to make your own which looks like fun.


Read through the persuasive text and then have a look at the meaning of some of the words from the text. Use the definitions to draw a small image in each box which will help you to remember the meaning of each of the words.


Match the synonyms and then see if you can come up with any more of your own. 


Finally, using your knowledge of the words that you have been working on, complete the sentence so that it makes sense. 


If there are any other words that you don't know the meaning of then it really is worthwhile finding out the definition of them. 

Create some of your own wizard words and then write some spells.
Complete the reading comprehension questions. 

Today, you are going to think about what makes good persuasive writing.


Have a look at the weasel words and use boastful adjectives to fill in the gaps. Afterwards, can you make it sound really negative?


Then you are going to move on to look at weasel phrases and write some of your own sentences about the wizard hotel.


After this, you are going to look at imperative verbs and asking leading questions.


Finally, you are going to think about alliteration and play the alliteration game. 



Today, you are going to design your school and then plan your advertisement for it.