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Weekly Update

We have had a very busy first week in Fox Class. We started off our week with a bingo activity where we had to walk around the class and find someone who fits each of the features on our bingo board. We then designed our new special Fox Class certificates which we can achieve by reaching the very top of our ladder. Then we tested our general knowledge with a quiz on Kahoot using the iPads. We have also been agreeing on a class charter, assigning class jobs and voting for our school councillors. 


It was lovely this week to spend some time on a big art project which is related to our first topic in Year Five. We looked at the work of LS Lowry and picked out some of the main features of his art work. We noticed that in all of his pictures the colours that he chose to use were quite dull and we learnt that this was Lowry's impression of industrial Northern England. We also noticed that all of the people in his art work were stooped over and looked quite sad. We learnt that this was because Lowry wanted to represent how tired people were after a long day working in the mills and factories. We all worked together to create a fantastic display recreating an industrial scene in the style of Lowry. We are very pleased with the results! We also did a bit of research on Lowry to accompany it. 

We finished off our first week with a trip to Moira Furnace where we were taken on a bridge lift tour to find out how the furnace worked and how iron was made. We found out about the lifestyle of the coal mining families that used to live at Moira and we explored what their kitchens would have looked like. We created a cast replica of the mill wheel and we also went on the Joseph Wilkes narrow boat and discovered how important the canals were for transportation. The children all asked very thoughtful questions and they were engaged all day. It has been a very practical and visual start to our topic which we will be able to refer back to whilst we are back at school and thinking about the differences between pre industrial Britain and Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Thank you all for fully immersing yourself in the day and for gaining so much out of it- Well done Foxes a great start to the year!