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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been continuing our learning on place value. We have been rounding numbers within one million to the nearest 100,000. We have also been looking really carefully at negative numbers. We have been looking at the scales of number lines to put in the missing negative and positive numbers. We have also been working really carefully to find the difference between positive and negative numbers. We discovered that when we are finding the difference between a positive and a negative number we can actually add the two numbers together to find the difference. We then applied our knowledge to help us solve some tricky real life problems.


In English we have been completing our learning on warning stories. We worked together to edit and improve the stories that we wrote last week. We then thought very carefully about the point of view that we can write our stories in. We looked carefully at the first, second and third person and we discussed that authors decide what point of view they are going to write in whilst they are at the planning stage. We then planned what we were going to write about for our inventions and we have been writing and editing these stories.


In topic we have been doing lots of History. We thought about how we can find out about what happened in the past and we have been looking at different sources. We found it interesting that sometimes different sources contradict themselves. This allowed us to realise that we can't just believe the first thing that we read and we have to do some research and think about what information is reliable. We learnt about Richard Arkwright's water frame, James Watt's steam engine and Abraham Darby's blast furnace and the impact that these inventions had during the Industrial Revolution.