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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been using the column method to add and subtract. We have been thinking very carefully about the vocabulary that we can use that means the same as add and subtract. We have also been carefully thinking about our place value columns to make sure that our numbers are lined up correctly. We then started to use rounding to help us work out approximate answers and some of us began to use this skill in real life contexts.


In English we have started our learning on biographies. We have learnt a text map of the biography of Philippe Petit. We then had a look at the key features of a biography and underlined them in our model text. In grammar we have been reminding ourselves what a main clause and a subordinate clause is. We have been working on including a subordinate clause in the middle of a main clause - an embedded clause. We have also learnt that this is called parenthesis and we need to remember to include the pair of commas.


In topic we have been looking at how canals transformed the way that goods were transported. We then chose whether to research Ashby canal or the Trent and Mersey canal and we found out some very interesting information.