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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have continued our learning on addition and subtraction. We have been using the inverse operation to work backward and work out the original number. We have also learnt that we can use the inverse to check our answers. We have spent some time looking at the bar model and we then applied this to help us solve multi step word problems.


In English we have continued our learning on biographies. We have found out lots about Ole Kirk Christiansen through watching the Lego story. We then used our notes to answer questions about Ole. We used these to write factual sentences, thinking about how we could include phrases to show the passage of time and we had a go at including parenthesis in our writing.


In topic we have looked at George Stephenson and we found out about the maiden journey of the first passenger train. We pretended that we were on that first journey and we wrote accounts describing how we felt to be able to travel so quickly! We then started our learning on forces. We looked at balanced and unbalanced forces. We also conducted an experiment to measure the weight of objects in newtons and the mass of objects in grams. We found a link in our measurements - gravity pulls down at a force of 1N for every 100g.