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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been continuing our learning on statistics. We have been reading and interpreting tables, two-way tables and timetables. We have also been using the information in these tables to answer questions. We did notice  that during our  learning on timetables that we need to do a bit of work on telling the time. As a result of this, our digital clock seems to have disappeared from our class and we are now relying on the analogue clock to keep us on track throughout the day. We have also been thinking about our mental maths skills and using strategies such as portioning and near doubles to help speed us up.


In English we have been researching and writing biographies about significant people from the First World War. This was our hot write so the children worked independently. We have been working on developing our editing skills and then we worked really hard to neatly write up our final draft in our best handwriting.


We have been working on our WW1 topic in the afternoons this week. We looked at Jaqueline Hurley's War Poppy collection and thought that the dark silhouettes contrasted effectively with the bright red poppies. We had a go at sketching a few of our own ideas in her style and then we chose one to copy up in neat. We then looked at two poems - 'In Flanders Field' and 'For the Fallen'. We carefully wrote these out onto tracing paper and stuck them over our art work.


Have a lovely rest over half term!