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Weekly Update

This week in Maths, we have been finding the perimeter of shapes. We have found it a little tricky to make sure that we added up all of the lengths of the shapes so we have done a lot of work on this. We had to use the given information to work out missing lengths. We also used our rulers to measure the sides of the shapes and we just needed to make sure  that we were measuring a little more accurately. We then moved on to working out the area of shapes using the formula length x width.


In English, we have continued our learning on diary entries. We have been thinking about how we can link our ideas within a paragraph using adverbs and adverbials. We have also been identifying how Joe felt in our model text and we have been selecting evidence from the text to back up our points. As a class, we decided to change the diary entry from Joe's best day ever to Joe's worst day ever and we have started to write up these diary entries.


In topic, we have completed our learning on forces with an investigation on friction. We have then recapped what we have learnt so far on the Industrial Revolution and we thought about all of the positive and negative effects that it had on Britain.


We started something new in music and had a lot of fun listening to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. We thought about what we could hear, the structure of the song and we started to think about what some of the key elements of rock music are. We are looking forward to start singing some of the song and even playing a little bit on the glockenspiels next week.