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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been working on our written methods to multiply 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We have been using the place value mats and counters to help us to visualise and understand what happens in each of the columns. This has been particularly helpful when we have got ten in any of the columns and we need to regroup and exchange. We have moved on to start looking at multiplying 2 digit numbers together. We used the dienes to represent calculation in the area model which allowed us to understand and realise just how much there is to do when multiplying 2digit numbers. We are going to continue working on this next week.


In English we have started our learning on newspaper reports. We have written a cold write, learnt a model text and identified the key features from our model text. We have also looked at what makes an effective headline and we had fun writing headlines to match up with pictures.


We have talked about our new topic which is titled 'Earth Matters' and we have thought about what we are going to be learning about over the next term. We added to our topic web and thought of things that we would like to learn about. We have looked at the structure of the Earth and dissected an egg to help us to understand a little more about the different layers of the Earth.


In PE we enjoyed watching and learning a Haka which links well with the New Zealand aspect of our new topic.