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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have started our learning on fractions. We have made an excellent start looking at equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and recognising mixed numbers and improper fractions. We have started to look at comparing fractions where we have different denominators. We have found this a little tricky so we will continue with this next week. We need to keep working on our multiplication tables to be able to spot a common denominator to convert our fractions to. Keep going on timetable rock stars to practise these at home.


In English we have completed our newspaper reports. They include some excellent examples of direct and reported speech and we have all worked so hard on our presentation of these. We have also started our new topic which is based on the quest story "Alien Landing". This story includes a flash forward and there are some fantastic opportunities for us to develop our setting descriptions.


In topic we have looked at the features of a mountain range and we have been looking at the highest points in New Zealand, England and the UK. We have also been looking at both tropical and temperate rainforests and we have been locating them on the map of the world.


We have also had Rachel in to help us with our exciting singing project which is taking place in March. There will be some more information about this project to come out soon.