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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have completed our learning on fractions. We looked at finding fractions of amounts and we have thought carefully about dividing by the denominator and multiplying by the numerator. We have started to think about our next topic in Maths. This is decimals and percentages.


In English we have written some amazing non-chronological reports about the Mars Exploration Rover - Curiosity. We have all applied our research brilliantly. We have thought about our cohesive devices to link our ideas together and we have included rhetorical questions to relate the reader to our reports.


In our topic lessons we have completed our adverts to try and raise awareness about the Jane Goodall Institute and to try and persuade people to donate money to help the chimpanzees. We have also looked at the lifecycles of amphibians and insects and we have been looking into complete and incomplete metamorphosis. We all found clues around the classroom about the life cycle of a dragonfly and a newt to help us complete them in our books. Some of us then also looked on the IPads to find out about the life cycle of a lady bird and a spider.


Thank you very much to all of our parent helpers on Tuesday. We had a lovely trip to Derby Theatre and sang very well on the front row. Well done Foxes!!


Next week, we have got our residential to look forward to. If you have any questions about this then please don't hesitate to come and see me. Make sure that you get lots of rest this weekend as we have a busy week ahead of us!