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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been continuing our learning on place value. Over the last few weeks, we have become much more confident with our understanding of numbers up to one million. We have been using the resources to make them, we have drawn them, portioned them and we have been identifying where they go on a number lines. We are really getting there with our rounding now and we have also done lots of comparing and ordering too.


In English, we have been continuing our learning on warning stories. We have innovated the story and we have all planned our own stories which are based on the general structure of our model text. We are going to continue with writing our stories next week.


In topic, we have been locating some of the key cities of the Industrial Revolution. We noticed that these cities were all next to rivers and we thought about why this was. We then looked and identified some of the rivers in the UK on our maps.