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Weekly Update

In Maths this week we have continued our learning on addition and subtraction. We have been using rounding and estimating to find approximate answers to calculations. We have learnt that these can be really useful to quickly work out a rough answer to a calculation and we can also use this strategy to help us to check our answers. We have also learnt that we can use inverse operations to help us check our answers too. We then had a go at solving multi-step problems and we have been using part whole models and bar models to help us to visualise how to solve the problems.


In English we have been learning how to write sentences which have embedded relative clauses and we have done a really good job at this! We have also watched a video which went through the story of Ole Kirk Christiansen and we have found out lots of information about how Lego was created. We have sequenced and ordered the information that we learnt ready to help us to plan our biographies that we will write next week.


In topic we have been looking at canals and we have been doing some research about either the Ashby Canal or the Trent and Mersey Canal.


We have also been practising our Harvest song which we are looking forward to performing on Monday.