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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been continuing our learning on statistics. We have been looking at reading and interpreting the data in tables. We have also been looking at two-way tables and timetables.


In English we have finished off our biographies. We have done lots of brilliant research and have been able to apply all of the learning that we have been doing over the past few weeks to write our own biographies.


In topic we have started our first Science unit of the year, which is forces. We have thought about forces being pushes and pulls. We have looked at a range of forces acting on objects and we have thought about opposing forces. We then looked a little more into gravity. We have learnt the difference between weight and mass. To support our learning in this, we have all done an investigation. We used the Newton meters to measure the weight of objects and we also used the scales to measure the mass of objects. We found that for every 100g, gravity pulls down with a force of 1N.


We have had a super day on Friday thinking about the different roles within the NHS. We all learnt a lot about the huge variety of jobs and we thought really carefully about the different attributes, qualifications and skills required for lots of the different jobs. Thank you very much to Mrs Cheeseman and also Mr and Mrs Munnien for coming in to speak to us. It was brilliant for us to be able to hear some real life stories from you and we all thought really carefully about the questions that we wanted to ask to find out even more!