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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have started our learning on multiplication. We have been identifying multiples, factors, common factors and prime numbers. We have been talking about how the better we know our time stables, the easier we will find this. I have been encouraging the children to write down the tables that they need to work on in their own time and how practising little and often will make a huge difference.


In English we have been looking at diary entries. We have been text mapping and learning a diary entry  which is all about Joe's best day ever. We have been reading the text as a writer and underlining the key features. We have also been identifying the structure of the text.


In Science this week we have been continuing our learning on forces. We have investigated the effects of water resistance by making parachutes out of different materials. We have also investigated the effects of water resistance and how streamlined shapes are able to move through the water or air more quickly. We did this by making 3 different shapes out of plasticine and timing them as they drop through the water to see which one would fall the quickest.