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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have continued our learning on perimeter and area. We have been using the formula Length X Width to work out the area of rectangles. We then applied this knowledge to work out the area of compound shapes. Finally, we looked at counting squares to estimate the area of irregular shapes. We found this tricky by we found a strategy to help us make our estimates. We really do need to take care to include our units of measure and we now need to be careful not to confuse finding the area and finding the perimeter.


In English we have now completed writing our workhouse diary entries. We have also written our cold writes for our new unit- which is explanation texts.


In topic we have been looking at the factory act that was introduced in 1833 to try and improve working conditions for children in the factories. However, we looked at sources from 30 and even 70 years later and we learnt that unfortunately, it took a very long time for the new rules to be taken seriously. We did some fantastic writing in the role of one of the 4 factory inspectors appointed at the time and we thought about what we would improve if we could.


We are looking forward to our performance in the cathedral on Wednesday. I would like to say a huge than you to all of you for being so supportive with the transport arrangements. I will send out a message next week with the things that the children need to remember to have with them for the rehearsal and for the evening.


We have decided, as a school, to send all pencil cases home. We have got all of the resources that we need in our classroom for the children to use.