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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have been continuing to work on our multiplication. We have been learning how to use the long multiplication method to multiply 2 digit numbers. We are finding that we have got a good knowledge of how to do this method but we are finding that our place value knowledge and our multiplication tables are causing us to find this a little more tricky. Please keep going on TT Rockstars to continue developing speed and accuracy with the multiplication tables.


In English we have been innovating our newspaper report. We have done some fantastic writing and we have really thought about how we can play around with the point of view, tone and tense through the use of direct speech.


In topic we used eggs to look at the layers of the Earth. We have learnt that the crust is not one continuous piece but it is actually made up of the tectonic plates. We have looked at the tectonic plates and we have learnt how the movements at these plate boundaries can cause earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains and tsunamis.