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Weekly Update

This week in Maths we have completed our learning on multiplication and division. We will continue to do lots of practise of the long multiplication method as lots of us are still getting a bit confused with our place value when it comes to multiplying by 10 and 100. We had a go at the bus stop method for division this week which the majority of us really got the hang of. Next week we will start our next unit, which is fractions.


In English we have been writing our hot writes.  We have been writing newspaper reports about the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.


In topic we have done lots of research about the human and physical features of New Zealand. We have also found out about why earthquakes happen, how they are measured and also about how people can be prepared for if an earthquake was to happen.


In computing we have been looking at morse code. We have been having a go a recording our names in the binary code and we used a website to translate messages, to sound them out and also to represent them as light flashes.